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Antanas Misiūnas
Full-stack JavaScript Engineer

Productizing the web with accessible, performant, and reliable software by doubling down on web fundamentals.



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Homepage view of kotryna.co

A photography portfolio website I've built for my wife. Heavy use of Sanity.io for smooth image management with a sprinkle of intersection observers for buttery back and forth scroll-based animations.


Homepage view of usetheplatform.dev

With printed MDN docs under the pillow and finding powerful browser-native alternatives to bulky third party libraries on the daily, I've felt driven to get good at whatever the browser can offer. And thus UseThePlatform.dev was born — a blog type of resource with a goal to educate about the robustness and featurefulness of the platform all of us are building upon.

"If you want to master something, teach it." - Richard Feynman


Homepage view of professionalchef.co.uk

While in London during Covid lockdown, I ended up with a roommate who, to my pleasant surprise, was a Michelin-starred chef. Let's just say the lockdown was a true culinary experience. Long story short I teamed up with the guy and cofounded the ProfessionalChef.co.uk — an online cooking course aimed for wannabe professional chefs. Work in progress.